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Why Should I use a Mobile Stage? 


The Top Two Reasons are, Safety and Reduced Labor Costs.  Mobile Stages are Engineered and Designed with Safety First.  They are installed by Trained Professionals.

In the case of other Load Bearing Structures, you will often find a Labor Bill on top of your Rental Rate.  It costs no more to tow a Mobile Stage, than it does to transport a Modular System.  In fact, it probably costs less because our Units are pulled by a Dodge Ram 2500, not an 18 Wheeler.  In the Texas Stage Rental Industry, after 25 years,       R & R Staging can Proudly say we have a ZERO FAILURE Record.  When we opened the Texas Mobile Stage Rental division in 2008, we saw it as the future of our business.  That has certainly proven to be true.  Unlike our competitors, we do not have to rely on Unskilled Day Labor to erect our structures.  Our Technicians have Worldwide Certification with Stageline Manufacturing, so you can be assured that their experience will become a valuable asset to your Event Team, and will work seamlessly with your choice of Production Companies far in advance of the day of your Show.  There is no need to hire Climbers or Riggers, because the Stages can be Loaded BEFORE the Roof is flown.  No matter if you are having a Corporate Event, Remote Sports Broadcast, Outdoor Concert, or Weekend Festival, you can count on us to be Friendly, On Time, and always offering Top Quality Equipment & Service.  From the Red River to the Rio Grande and beyond you can trust R & R Staging - Texas Mobile Stage Rental.

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​Dad said, "Pick One Thing and be Really Good at It!"  We picked the Stageline SL-100


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We offer the Stageline SL-50, SL-100, SL-250, SL-260 as well as the Apex 3224, Apex 2420, and Apex 2016 Mobile Stages.  Full "Branding" Options are available.  Mobile FoH Positions. Call 713-869-5674 for details.

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Discounts and Sponsorships are available to 501C3 Charity Events.  Call 713-869-5674 for more information.


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